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Personal trainer in Chiswick

Mary Robertson is a personal trainer in Chiswick, concentrating on fitness, health and nutrition. Whatever your goal, get your own personal fitness instructor in the gym, outdoors or even at your home
Personal trainer Chiswick

Personal training Chiswick

I provide personal one-to-one fitness training and instruction in the gym at Chiswick, outdoors or in your home - bringing 15 years of personal training experience and qualifications
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Get fit for Summer in Chiswick

Beach Body Workout

There's still time to get Beach Body Fit for the summer. Our six-week package includes three 45-minute outdoor sessions each week, based on the latest High Intensity Training methods. Book now!
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Weight loss Chiswick

Weight Loss Programmes

Mary will work with you to help you reach your goal, advising and motivating you along the way. With the help of a fully qualified nutritionist, she will design a tailor-made programme specifically for you.
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Free health assessment

Mary will check your heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight, your BMI, and your measurements. She'll undertake a postural analysis, then discuss your aims and goals and devise a personalised training programme and plan of action, with regular reassessments to monitor your progress.

Injury & illness recovery

Mary's wealth of experience of how the body works means she often helps clients in recovery, either from a sports-related or other accidental injury, or from illness. Working alongside your doctor of healthcare practitioner, she can help guide you gently and safely towards optimum rehabilitation

Fitness for older clients

Mary works with many older clients, helping them get more mobile and regain confidence lost through years of inactivity, or immobility. They'll achieve greater strength and flexibility so they are less likely to suffer falls or have accidents, can be more independent, and find a new lease of life.

Fitness Boot Camps For All

Our 30-day Spring and Summer bootcamps are a highly effective way of getting fit, losing weight and most of all, having fun! Get a gang of mates together or join a group to get yourself outdoors and burn off calories, to be motivated and inspired to achieve your fitness goals, and make new friends while you're at it.

Bespoke sessions

The importance of the client/trainer partnership is that each client is unique and therefore each session is bespoke. That's the secret to getting the right exercise regime and nutrition advice for my regular clients.

Areas covered

* Chiswick
* Grove Park
* Brentford
* Acton
* Ealing