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    There's still time to get fabulously fit for the summer ... in just six short weeks.

    Our Beach Body Workout programme includes three outdoor 45-minutes sessions each week. Based on the very latest High Intensity Training methods (see below), each session helps you make the absolute most of each workout.

    The results are fast, and incredible. You'll be noticeably fitter and leaner, and because exercise releases those feel-good endorphins, you'll notice a huge difference in your mood and energy levels.

    Sign up now while there are still places available ... they're going fast!

    Prices on application: Call 07830 339 711 for details



    Cost:  £350


    Cost:  £750


    Cost:  £1,250


    TRAIN WITH A FRIEND, OR A GROUP ... from as little as £20 each!

    Research has shown that you get far more from training with other people, more motivation and more fun! And when you train with one or more chums (to a maximum of four people), it's not only more sociable, but far more affordable!

                                Per session   Per person

    1 person                 £60            £60

    2 people                 £60             £30

    3 people                 £70             £23.33

    4 people                 £80             £20



    Tired of endless dieting, only toLose weight with Chiswick personal trainer Mary Robertson find you pile the pounds back on? Mary promises you'll never have to diet again, if you follow her weight management programme.

    She'll help you find the best way to reach your optimum goal, advising and motivating you throughout.

    With the help of qualified nutritionist, Dinah Millar,, a food and nutrition programme will be tailor-made to suit your specific needs, alongside your fitness regime.

    Cost:  On application

    About Weight Loss Management

    The key to  losing weight is to do it slowly and steadily and in this way you are far more likely to keep it off.

    Low calorie diets cause rapid weight loss because you lose water and muscle tissue, and not fat. This slows down our metabolism and consequently the number of calories we burn in a day, which means you'll put weight back on more, the minute you resume your normal habits.

    By exercising and improving your fitness level, you will become a more efficient fat burner.

    Mary will ask you to keep a five-day food diary, noting down absolutely everything you eat and drink.

    When she has analysed it, she will devise your own nutritional eating plan, combined with an exercise programme that will soon have you dropping dress (or trouser!) sizes, becoming leaner and fitter permanently.

    How to give yourself more energy throughout the day. Just incorporate the following tips into your diet and you'll have all the energy you need.

    Including biscuits, ice cream, frosted cereals, tea and coffee.

    Even freshly squeezed juice. It's a concentrated source of sugar.

    Including eggs, fish, shellfish, poultry, lean red meat, tofu or other legumes. Suggested amounts are 150-200 grams for lunch and 50-150 grams for dinner.

    Drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day.

    For example, broccoli, green beans, asparagus.

    A ratio of 60% Carbohydrates, 10% Protein and 30% Fat.


    Include a wide spectrum of multivitamins and mineral supplements.

    Even a brisk walk will do.

    Living in health company, with people who follow the same healthy habits, can influence your life in a positive way.
    You may or may not want to lose weight. But either way, what you put into your body is a vital component of being fit and healthy. Eat rubbish, and you'll feel rubbish!



    Mary works with local qualified nutritionist Dinah Miller (

    Most of us have hectic lifestyles, and it's easy to eat the wrong food, drink too much and forget about looking after our bodies until something goes wrong.

    What we eat and drink can massively affect our health, alter our moods and even our hormonal balance, skin and digestion.

    It's also essential that you provide yourself with the right fuel to optimise your fitness regime, and to help keep the engine running smoothly while you work out.

    Wholesome unprocessed foods provide the body with many nutrients necessary for optimum health. Sometimes ood alone may not be sufficient to support your body and its needs, and occasionally supplements may be suggested by as part of your nutritional programme, to improve metabolic function, correct nutritional deficiencies, and target and support specific organs and systems in the body. Given the right nutrients the body has a tremendous inbuilt capacity to heal and repair itself.

    Clinical Research shows that getting your nutrition right can help develop the body's strength and resistance to illness and disease, will probably prolong your life and is highly beneficial in many areas affecting health and well-being.

    Mary and Dinah will ask you to keep a food diary for five days, recording every single thing you eat and drink, and then analyse it.

    Based on this analysis, she will recommend achievable changes to your eating habits. This is not a diet, but a healthy way of eating that will help you lose weight if that's what you need, get bags more energy and give your mood a massive boost.

    Their nutritional advice is simple, easy to follow, and will not leave you feeling deprived.

    This is your life, the only one you'll get. Do you want to spend it feeling less than yourself? Or do you want to go into a new stage stronger, happier, and more successful? If you know deep down that you want to make changes in your life, there's never been a better time to do it.

    But what changes? And how will you make them?

    The first step towards a new you - or the old you, before the bad habits and wrong turns - is looking at the big picture.

    Body, mind, relationships, behaviour, belief: they're you, inseparable, and inter-related. What New You isn't about is an impossible ideal of physical perfection or outrageous ambitions. It's about leading a bigger, better and more authentic life. And that means top to bottom, inside and out.

    In recent years, we've become far more aware of how our physical selves affect the way we think and relate to the world. Feeling depressed about sagging muscles or spreading flesh isn't just narcissism. It's an awareness that our body doesn't reflect the way we feel or want to feel inside. Energy, good health, sensuality... they should be an everyday reality, not an occasional gift.

    No programme can promise you energy, health and vitality and not include exercise. If you've tried and failed with exercise plans before, it's probably because you've been doing the wrong kind of exercise. What's the right kind? The kind that matches your body type, your lifestyle, personality and schedule. We will help you find an individually tailored programme that's right for you, and show you how never to give up on exercise again.

    If you still can't make it to the gym, we can come to you.

    We can design an eating programme to make food and eating a simple pleasure, and your body feel great again. From eating for weight loss, to foods to combat ageing and disease, we will unravel the myths and misinformation we're all fed about food to reveal the facts about what 'healthy eating' really means - and what it can do for you.

    Once you've rethought your diet and reclaimed your body, it's time to look inwards. To focus on the stuff that overwhelms you: the stresses that leave us exhausted, anxious, and feeling out of control.

    Chiswick personal fitness instructorOne of the most positive things that my clients feedback to me is my ability to offer clear, concise and motivational instruction that makes every session so interesting.

    I have been a personal trainer for the past fifteen years. I bring with me an array of qualifications and a vibrant personality which makes spending time with me a pleasure; despite the vigorous exercises which I am capable of dishing out!

    In addition to this the importance of the client/trainer partnership is that each client is unique and therefore each session is bespoke.. In the past few years I have been developing other skills such as metabolic typing, which has been a fantastic tool in getting the right exercise regime and nutrition advice for my regular clients.

    With my knowledge and my “no nonsense” approach to exercise this has resulted in high levels of client satisfaction and target achievement.

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    The importance of the client/trainer partnership is that each client is unique and therefore each session is bespoke. That's the secret to getting the right exercise regime and nutrition advice for my regular clients.

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