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Training outdoors

Outdoor fitness training in ChiswickWhen it's warmer, why not train outdoors? Jogging on a treadmill is one thing, but running along a riverside or jogging through a wood is inspirational!

Mary uses various locations, so you might find yourself doing bicep curls gazing across the Thames or sit ups on a park bench overlooking the lake in Chiswick Park.

She will show you how to utilize your own bodyweight to tone and stretch and strengthen, and will also provide a range of mobile equipment to add variety to your workouts.

A bit of sunshine makes even a little hard work an absolute pleasure and all that fresh air has got to be better than indoor air-conditioning.

Better still, why not combine indoor and outdoor workouts to add variety to your sessions

Bespoke sessions

The importance of the client/trainer partnership is that each client is unique and therefore each session is bespoke. That's the secret to getting the right exercise regime and nutrition advice for my regular clients.

Areas covered

* Chiswick
* Grove Park
* Brentford
* Acton
* Ealing