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Sports injuries and recovery from illness

Recover from sports injury ChiswickMary's wealth of experience of how the body works means she often helps clients in recovery, either from a sports-related or other accidental injury, or from illness.

Working alongside your doctor of healthcare practitioner, she can help you gently towards rehabilitation.

Together you will set achievable goals that will help you regain fitness and confidence.

She will guide those suffering from sports injuries towards their former fitness, as well as helping them ensure they are not prone to further accidents and injuries.

Mary also works with those undergoing treatment for various illnesses, or recovering from operations, with gentle programmes aimed at assisting their recovery or helping to support them through the treatment they are having.

Bespoke sessions

The importance of the client/trainer partnership is that each client is unique and therefore each session is bespoke. That's the secret to getting the right exercise regime and nutrition advice for my regular clients.

Areas covered

* Chiswick
* Grove Park
* Brentford
* Acton
* Ealing